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​​April 2, 2019

March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb, at least in Yavapai County. In just eleven short weeks, the Yavapai County Republican Party Executive Committee has delivered two incredible programs to the party faithful.

First, we completed a successful Lincoln Reagan Dinner at the Prescott Resort.  With “Unity of our Republican Party” as the theme, we witnessed many people joining us that had not come in years. It was one of our most successful fundraisers in years.

Thank you to our book sponsors that helped bring President Trump’s 2016 campaign managers, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossi, to Prescott.  The generosity of Steve Pierce – Las Vegas Ranch, David Barrett – Barrett Propane, Dave and Nelda Beck – Beck Legacy Group, and Dave Cameron – Yavapai Bottled Gas will be enjoyed for a longtime to come as the book “Trump’s Enemies” was their gift to all who attended. A heartfelt “Thank You” to each of them!

Second, for months two different Executive Committees have been plagued with the never ending news regarding the LD-1 seat held by David Stringer. His resignation on March 27th climaxed rampant speculation on what would happen and resulted in the Yavapai County Republican Committee Precinct Committeemen’s “Special Election” held on March 31, at the Centennial Center in Prescott.

This well-orchestrated March 31 meeting was the result of AZGOP Chair Kelli Ward and YavGOP Chair Donna Tanzi, and their collaboration of both teams to make the meeting successful. Even though the process was long, with eleven nominees from the floor, we witnessed the spectrum of the very seasoned politicians to the inexperienced, both ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. In the end the Precinct Committeemen voted for Steve Pierce, our statesman and former Arizona State Senator; Steven Sensmeier, our millennial campaign chair of various state candidates; and Ken Bennett, our other statesman and formerly Arizona Secretary of State and AZ State House Representative. The Board of Supervisors will meet tomorrow, April 3rd, in an open meeting to interview the three candidates – Ken Bennett, Steve Pierce, and Steven Sensmeier. The appointee will be immediately sworn in at the conclusion of the meeting.

For the remaining candidates that ran from the floor, we thank you and now know your political aspirations. I suspect we will see your names in the not to distant future as Yavapai County Republicans focus in the 2020 Election.

Thank you to all our county precinct committeemen and –women who work so tirelessly to keep Yavapai County

Donna Tanzi, Yavapai County Chair

 In Liberty,


                                   Donna Tanzi

                                   Yavapai County Republican Committee-Chair