U.S. Senate

Mary Mallory was sworn in as county District 5 Supervisors on July 2019. I was chosen from a group of citizens because of my nearly 9 years of experience with the Prescott Valley Town Council. 80% of District 5 is in the Town of Prescott Valley. I have been a resident of Yavapai County for nearly 20 years. While on the Town Council, I represented Prescott Valley on the Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO) for almost 8 years. As the Chair, I worked closely with Supervisor Brown and other elected officials in the quad city areas.
During my first term as Councilwoman of Prescott Valley, I spear headed the Annual Healing Field of Northern Arizona Event, which is now in its 9th year. http://www.healingfield.org/prescottvalley19 This event is about “Never Forgetting” those who lost their lives in the attacks of 9/11.
My professional career includes 40 years of Customer Service Operations Management.  I have also diversified my interests into Real Estate sales.  As an honest and transparent leader, I am the most experienced candidate to serve as your county supervisor for District 5.
I want to serve you by remembering the past, centering on the needs of the present and the requirements of the future. All of this with an understanding of the importance of fiscal responsibility and sound management while serving the needs and protecting the public. 
Communication will be the primary component of my relationship with those I serve in Yavapai County and District 5. 

​Tel:  928-910-5076     eMail: marymallorydistrict5@gmail.com        Website: marymallorydistrict5.com

Yavapai County Board of Supervisor District 3

Sherrie Hanna is a native Arizonan, my family moved to Prescott in 1963.  I am running to ensure the heritage and lifestyle that I enjoyed will be preserved for all of Yavapai County as well as my three children, their spouses and my eleven grandchildren who all have chosen to remain in Prescott. 
Currently, I am serving on two City of Prescott executive boards and recently I have been appointed to Mayor Mengarelli's Council on the Sewer and Water committee.  This position is imperative in obtaining working knowledge on the issues the city faces in District 1.  I was recently notified of my appointment to the Industrial Authority Board of Yavapai County and I will be sworn in on April 1, 2020. Among my other affiliations, I am Western Heritage Foundation Board, Prescott Kiwanis, Prescott Rodeo Association, Yavapai Cowbelles, Prescott Chamber of Commerce, Yavapai and Arizona Cattle Growers, Yavapai and Arizona Farm Bureau, Downwinder’s Advocate, active in Republican Women of Prescott and YAVGOP Precinct Committeeman, just to name a few.  ​I have traveled extensively throughout District 1 attending various meetings along with meeting with individuals and learning first-hand the issues that are of concern to the constituents.  I bring skills from various positions that I have held, that include but are not limited to: Court Clerk to judges, Legal Assistant to attorneys, Administrative Assistant in Corporate America, Assistant to the President of the Texas Tech University Center and Rural Carrier, United States Postal Service.  At the Postal Service I trained, developed and ensured quality of work life for employees. I retired in 2015 from the Post Office after 32 years.
Use my experience as Co-chair of Proposition 443, Stand for Prescott, to work with Yavapai County on the unfunded liability for law enforcement
Support the Criminal Justice System within YC to ensure it continues to provide a level of service while maximizing the use of our tax dollars
Continue Yavapai County’s fiscal conservative approach while providing high quality services
Continue to build on the relationship established currently in my District as well as build new relationships with my constituents
Focus on the improvement of infrastructure in District 1 and as it relates to Yavapai County
Tel:  (928) 533-2925    eMail:  hannaforsupervisor@gmail.com    Website:  hannaforsupervisor.com

Steve Irwin has been a resident of Yavapai County for over 34 years. Yavapai County - District Governing Board District member - Since being elected in 2016 Steve helped create, maintain, and approve 100’s programs that allowed thousands of Yavapai County residents to get well-paying jobs. A few of those programs are our Career and Technical Center (CTEC), our Nursing Program, our Police Academy, The South West Wine Center, and many more.
Lowering taxes – Steve fought for and got the proceeds from the sale of unused real estate and paid down general obligation (GO) bond, lowering property taxes for every Yavapai County homeowners.Throughout Steve's time as a public figure, he has worked to foster economic growth through less spending, lower taxes, and reducing regulations. His efforts have earned him the respect of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Steve also supports the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a commitment that he takes very seriously. The pledge helps taxpayers to keep more of their earnings so that they can make decisions on what’s best for their families.
Steve’s priorities are, continue to bring and create well-paying jobs that grow the local economy, continue to reduce property taxes, continue to support the Second Amendment, and foster a free market, and securing our boards.
In 1991 Steve retired from the Army in 1991 and ready to take on new challenges. In his 24 years as a public servant, Steve had the honor to work in federal, state, and local governments. His work entailed getting disabled seniors the skilled nursing care they needed to live independently. Years later, the now Arizona’s Chief Justice Robert M. Brutinel hired Steve to worked as a Probation Officer and assisted in operating the Drug Court Program helping adults and kids to overcome powerful addiction to illegal drugs so they could become, once again, productive members of society. In the evenings, Steve volunteered to educated students and returning Veterans at Yavapai College

 Tel: 928-710-8257       eMail: stevemirwin@gmail.com

Yavapai County Board of Supervisor District 5

 Bob Burress                                                          eMail: bobburressdistrict2@gmail.com

James Gregory has been a resident of Yavapai County District 2 for 37 years.  His entire career has been spent in service to his community and his country. After graduating from Mayer High School in 1988, he entered the United States Air Force (USAF) as a Military Police officer.  James has 30 years law enforcement experience, two years as a Yavapai County detention officer and 24 years with the Prescott Valley Police Department.  He is currently a Patrol Lieutenant, responsible for managing Patrol, K-9, and SWAT operations.  Prior to that, he supervised Criminal Investigations, Community Services, and PANT--a multi-agency drug task force in Yavapai County.  He also has extensive experience coordinating preparations for and responses to emergencies with other local, state, and federal agencies.  He is currently on the front lines of Prescott Valley’s efforts to battle the Covid 19 pandemic.  For several years, he has been heavily involved in Yavapai County efforts to combat substance abuse through enforcement and education activities, and he actively supports MATForce activities designed to reduce substance abuse in the community.  James has also served on the Yavapai County Mental Health Coalition and the Yavapai County Overdose Review Board, and is a graduate of the prestigious FBI National Academy.  
All members of the Gregory family are dedicated to serving their country and the community in which they live.  James has been married for 26 years to his wife Stacy, who is a Registered Nurse and retired USAF non-commissioned officer.  They have two children—a daughter Brianna who is a Registered Nurse, and a son Tyler who is currently serving active duty in the U.S. military—both of whom were raised in Mayer, Arizona.
James has a strong desire to represent District 2 on the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors.  He considers himself a public servant—modeling the servant-leadership philosophy, focusing on the needs of the community.  He is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, who believes in small government and managed growth.  He wants to improve the efficiency and transparency of county government.  If elected, James will continue promoting the rural, small-town atmosphere that most Yavapai County residents enjoy.  Thirty years of public service, a strong work ethic, and proven leadership skills make James Gregory an ideal candidate for the position of District 2 Supervisor. 

Yavapai County – Leading Arizona in Voter Turnout

Anne Marie Ward is an Arizonan by birth and at heart. She and her husband Robert, are raising their two children in Prescott, AZ. Anne Marie has a bachelor’s in political science, a master’s in education and a doctorate in leadership. After working in several industries while completing her schooling, she opened her own small business - a consulting firm that helped small businesses and companies grow their leadership and plan for the future. 

Anne Marie will work to ensure our forest health and water security--critical resources that impact the lives of all Arizonans. And she’ll be the voice we need in Washington, D.C. to secure our border. Arizona, particularly rural Arizona, is filled with diverse ideas and people from all industries, and Anne Marie understands the importance of looking at every issue. As a former teacher, Anne Marie knows education. She knows that education, from pre-k to four-year degrees to career and technical education, is the key to a thriving Arizona.  

Anne Marie’s focus on the future includes the vital need for dropping the national deficit while keeping our promise to our seniors by preserving Social Security and Medicare. She believes in  addressing rising mental and behavioral health issues, targeting the opioid crisis that is disproportionately impacting our rural and low-income communities, the need for a competitive marketplace to ensure quality and affordable healthcare, and in protecting those with pre-existing conditions.

Tel: 928-362-0886  eMail: info@annemarieforcongress.com  Website: www.annemarieforcongress.com/

Dr. Paul Gosar is a conservative Republican representing Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District and currently serving in his fifth term. After 25 years as a dentist and watching Arizona middle-class families and small businesses struggle under Washington Democrats’ job-killing agenda, Dr. Gosar decided it was time to make a difference. In 2010 he ran for Congress against an incumbent Democrat - and won. Determined to stand up for Arizona families, Dr. Gosar has continued to challenge the status quo, offer common sense solutions, fight against liberals and Special Interests, and often, stand up to his own party.
As a member of Congress, he is focused on fighting for the interests of the people of Arizona. By repealing burdensome regulations and fostering an environment for economic growth, he's working to create more jobs for our families. He's working to keep our families safe by securing the border and ending the influx of illegal immigration. And he's reforming government by cutting federal spending and forcing accountability.
In 2017, Dr. Gosar was named Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, founded in 1983 to promote rural values, preserve our uniquely American way of life, and combat federal overreach over our land, water, and natural resources.
He was also named Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee's Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources which oversees American energy production and mining on federal lands, critical to Arizona's economy.r.Congressman Paul Gosar has earned the recognition as one of the most conservative members of Congress based on his voting record fighting for a border wall and border security, fighting against amnesty for criminals, never raising  taxes, applying the Constitution first, keeping his promises,  and fighting for life and against the abortion industry. 

In addition, Dr. Gosar has been rated as the most effective member of Congress because of his work getting bills, programs and amendments passed through Congress that directly help the people of Arizona. His efforts to reduce government waste and reduce spending have resulted in nationwide recognition.  Conservatives love him and Liberals hate him for the same reason...he keeps his word

Gosar is a devout family man and cherishes Arizona's culture of family values. He and his wife Maude have been married for nearly 30 years and have three children.

​Tel: 505-437-0701    eMail:  campaign@drpaulgosar.com     Website:  https://drpaulgosar.com/

U.S. Representative in Congress - District No. 4

Judy Burges, a longtime Skull Valley resident and former state senator for LD22, has formally announced her candidacy to fill one of LD1’s two upcoming vacancies in the state legislature. The conservative Republican is well known to Yavapai County voters after representing the southern portion of the county as part of LD22 until redistricting transferred the area into LD1 following the 2010 census.
Ms. Burges served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 2005 to 2012, and the state Senate from 2012 to 2018. She now joins five other announced candidates, four Republicans and one Democrat, to fill one of LD1’s two seats in the State House of Representatives. To date, she is the only announced candidate with prior legislative experience. The former Senator’s conservative credentials, high name recognition and deep ties to Yavapai County could propel her into the lead in what is shaping up to be a sharply contested August primary.
As a candidate for state office, Ms. Burges calls herself “an unapologetic conservative” and “a Christian who supports family values, the right to life, school choice, border security, and the protection of constitutional freedoms, especially free speech and the Second Amendment.”
Ms. Burges has indicated she will run as a traditional candidate and not accept any form of public financing. It is still relatively early in the campaign season. Candidates can file a statement of organization with the Secretary of State at any time and have until April 6, 2020, to file a minimum of 690 petition signatures to earn a place on the ballot.

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Harry Oberg is a longtime resident of Prescott whose father, Nils, arrived here in 1929 working as a ranch hand.  Harry came to Prescott with his parents when he was 2 years old after they had completed their service in the U.S. Army during WWII.  He attended Prescott schools and graduated from Prescott High in 1965. 
After receiving Army helicopter flight training, Harry served two tours in Vietnam—first as an Army “aerial scout” pilot, and later as a heavy-lift pilot, which included duty in Laos.  His combat decorations include 2-Distinguished Flying Crosses, 2-Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, 34-Air Medals (one with Valor Device), and numerous service achievement awards.  Harry pursued his Army career until April 2000 retiring at the rank of Colonel in the Army and as a Brigadier General in the Army National Guard.      
Harry received a bachelor’s degree in accounting/business from Northern Arizona University, a master’s degree in international relations from Salva Regina University, and is a graduate of the U.S. Army War College.  Prior to retirement, Harry worked as a Pentagon budget director managing a $1.5 Billion logistics budget providing equipment and supplies for Army National Guard units deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq.  In 2007, he and his wife, Jeanna, both retired and returned to Prescott, Arizona.
In 2015, Harry was elected mayor of PrescottHis major accomplishments while in office include:
Reducing the number of unlicensed Sober Living homes from 183 to 34
Initiating the new commercial passenger carrier and new $15m terminal at the Prescott Airport  
Developing the 20-year airport master plan for economic expansion and safety improvements    
Initiating plans with the State Forester to reduce the chance of catastrophic wildfire in Prescott
Establishing a large mayors’ group to petition the State Legislature to correct PSPRS insolvency
After his mayoral term Harry continued to serve his community on boards and committees including the Western Heritage Center/Foundation, Sunup Rotary Club, VFW POST 541, Rodeo Advisory Board, and the Friends of the Airport.  He is currently the 1st Vice Chairman of the Yavapai County GOP Committee.    
Harry’s goals as supervisor include:
Bringing more economic prosperity to the county for a higher quality of life
Effectively conserving and managing our scare resources
Streamlining county services to make every tax dollar deliver for taxpayers
Improving county traffic/transportation infrastructure
Preserving and promoting our Western heritage

Tel: 928-420-2706           eMail: harryforBOS1@gmail.com              Website: harryoberg.com

2020 Candidates

Quang Nguyen  Mr. Nguyen has a compelling personal story as a Vietnamese refugee who arrived in America with his family as a 12-year-old who spoke no English. He graduated from Long Beach State with a BA in Technology Education. He settled in Prescott, raised a family, and became active in conservative causes, including the Yavapai County Tea Party movement. In 2010, he worked in the Congressional campaign of Rusty Bowers. He later helped found the Patriot Network. He frequently speaks at local patriotic events and to Veterans groups around the country on Americanism and the importance of the 2nd amendment to political freedom.

Tel:  949-463-4028       eMail: quang@caddisad.com          Website:  Quangforarizona.com

ED Cocchiola​I have lived in Arizona since 1957 — I love Arizona! To me Arizona represents beauty, freedom, and prosperity. I find the people of Arizona to be hard working folks who care about their state, their families, and their children.
I am a constitutionalist who loves his county, and his state. I respect and admire the men and women in the armed forces, and I want only the best for them. That goes for our vets who served so proudly to ensure our freedoms.
I am a life member of the NRA. I believe and cherish our 2nd amendment. Unfortunately, we don’t enforce the gun laws we currently have and so the politicians want to make more laws. Sadly, we don’t have a gun problem in Arizona, we have a mental health epidemic. Arizona ranks close to the bottom of out 50 states in mental health and yet not enough attention or funding is given to this issue or population of individuals.
I’ve worked in construction all of my life. I love to create and build things. I like to problem solve and work hard. I was proud of my time working for Vechtel construction helping to build Palo Verde for over decade. I met so many good people, who like me loved Arizona and saw the value in our states rights.
I am pro life and I am for woman’s rights. I believe in equal pay for woman, rights of property owners, bible as TRUTH, a strong secure border. We have to stop the flow of illegal activity and contraband coming across our border.

Tel:  602-900-7046                          eMail:  edcocchiola@gmail.com

Supervisor Brown is a proven conservative, life-long Republican and Combat Veteran, having served in Vietnam with the elite Green Berets on the Cambodian Border.  He was cited several times for his actions, including 2 Bronze Stars. His background prior to moving to Prescott to retire was Law Enforcement. 
As Supervisor he has been very active in all areas of his District. Some of his accomplishments working on behalf of his constituents include:
Built Paulden Library on donations; renovated Seligman Justice Court and Library; supports Ash Fork and Paulden area clean ups; lobbied/obtained funding for ADOT Safety Projects in Paulden; lobbied and fought for I-17 Remedial Plan; lobbied /obtained financing for HWY 69 widening in Prescott; established 6-year plan for County Road Maintenance; established County Ordinance for hands free driving/lobbied for State Law; helped to fund Yavapai Regional Transit; helped establish Firewise Communities; located Grant Funding for Mint Wash Bridge Widening; established paved road to Poquito Valley; repaved Coyote Springs Rd, moved cattle guard and obtained additional mailboxes; completed Phase 1 and 2 of Williamson Valley Safety Improvements; Kept tax rate low for 7 years with balanced budget; revised Development Services procedures including new on-line permit system; established Scarlet and Almosta Ranch Equestrian Trail Heads; Initiated Large Animal Emergency Shelter.

In addition he is active in many organizations, some of which are: NRA Endowment Life Member; American Legion Post 40 Chino Valley; Vietnam Veterans Post 19; Men’s Republican Forum; Republican Women of Prescott; Citizens Water Advocacy Group; Public Safety Pension Retirement System Chair; Prescott Area Wildland Urban Interface Commission(Firewise); Executive Board – Upper Verde River Protection Coalition; 3-term Chair of Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization; Chino Valley and Prescott Chambers; Former Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Prescott Lodge 19
His Promise: “I will always be available and responsive to the citizens of Yavapai County.   Your continued input into the democratic process is vital to me and the community.”  Craig L. Brown, Sr.”

Tele: 928-771-3207         eMail: craig.brown@yavapai.us             Website: http://www.yavapai.us/district4

Jane Anderson   eMail: jane@northlink.com

Yavapai County Board of Supervisor District 2 

        Jodi Rooney              Tel: 928-308-2980              eMail: jrooney1776@gmail.com

​Senator Karen Fann (AZ-District 1) is a lifelong Republican, raised on conservative rural values by her hardworking parents, Jim and Sylvia Fann. She moved with her family to Prescott at the age of four.
Growing up in a family with a strong work ethic made it natural for Karen to start her own business. Karen launched Arizona Highway Safety Specialists, Inc.(AHSS) in 1984 – with just $500 of her own cash. Her drive and determination to succeed has turned today’s Arizona Highway Safety Specialists  into Arizona’s largest installer of roadway guardrails and signage. Owner and CEO Karen now employs 30 at her thriving business, and AHSS celebrated its 33rd  Anniversary in 2017. Karen and husband Jim McKown also owned and operated the FANN-M Ranch for nearly a decade.

Prior to becoming a local business owner, Karen gained four years of experience in the legal field and ten in the airport/ airline industry; she later obtained her license as an Arizona Realtor. She is a licensed contractor with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors; past president of Yavapai County Contractors Association; and past president, Prescott Chapter, of the National Association of Women in Construction.
Her dedication to community led Karen to serve on numerous committees and boards, representing Central Arizona, as well as, the Town of Chino Valley, where she was Mayor for six years. Her four years of service on the Prescott City Council included Mayor Pro Tem.
Experience: Professional & Civil Service Highlights, 18 years Public Service: AZ State Senate; AZ House of Representatives; Mayor; Town of Chino Valley; Prescott City Council; Area small business owner for over 30 years; Charter Member Chino Valley Elks; Charter Member Chino Valley Rotary Club; Chairman Central Yavapai Planning Organization (CYMPO); Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition Chair, and the following appointed state committees:House Committees: Chair Transportation,  Chair Insurance, Municipal Government, and Agriculture & Water
Senate Committees: Vice chair Transportation, Vice Chair Finance, Natural Resources and Appropriations

​Tel: 602-926-5874         eMail:  kfann@azleg.gov          Website:  http://electkarenfann.com/

 Cline Wiley                Tel: 928-274-0130               eMail: wileycline@hotmail.com

State Senator - District No. 1

State Representative - LD 1

Yavapai County Board of Supervisor District 1

Steve Sensmeier   From an early age I was a Republican, declaring at age 3 that Hillary Clinton was a witch and proudly exclaiming that Newt Gingrich was the Speaker of the House. That always shocked quite a few people, but as a fourth generation Republican activist I've always felt that it's just in my blood.
After graduating from Prescott High School and earning my Eagle Scout Award, I attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where I received my degree in Global Security and Intelligence Studies. While there I joined the College Republicans eventually serving as President. I also served as the Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Arizona Federation of College Republicans.
I've been involved in local politics for more than 10 years. I volunteered for my first campaign during the 2008 Presidential Election and have volunteered or worked on more than a dozen campaigns since. I've also worked as a Field Director for the Arizona Republican Party as well as for the Martha McSally for Senate Campaign

Tel: 928-288-0558    eMail: steven@stevensensmeier.com      Website:  https://www.stevensensmeier.com/ 


Selina Bliss, Selina Bliss is a Republican candidate for the AZ State House of Representatives who is motivated by a deep love and care for Arizona. She grew up and has lived in Legislative District 1 since 1971. She has a respect for our rich history, love of our community, and is dedicated to protecting and strengthening our communities. As a nurse for 35 years, Selina comes from a highly respected profession and is accustomed to being in a position that makes a difference in the lives of others. She comes from a long line of public servants in her family and knows what is required to step up to work as a legislator at the state level. She is called to serve and has a passion to give back to the community in which she was raised and where she stayed to raise her family. Selina has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve in the State House and thrives in demanding environments. As a state legislator and a life-long conservative Republican her priorities are fiscal responsibility, economic opportunity, limited government, and the protection of state rights.  She has the experience and wisdom to take our communities into the future. As a principled conservative her priorities are to honor our Constitution and defend the Republican values and principles.  This includes protecting life, religious and educational freedom, securing our borders, defending the second amendment and the right to bear arms, and supporting our troops and families. Selina has proven leadership experiences and the ability to communicate with others which is important to accomplish legislation that meets the needs of the constituents of LD-1. As a Patriot, she believes in hard work and family values.

Tel: 928-925-5642                       eMail:  SelinaSBliss@gmail.com

Brandi Christine Bateman                                   eMail: brandibateman2020@gmail.com

Yavapai County Board of Supervisor District 4

U.S. Senator Martha McSally was sworn into the Senate in January 2019.
Senator Martha McSally proudly represents the people of Arizona in the United States Senate. She previously represented Arizona’s second congressional district for four years in the United States House of Representatives. Prior to serving in Congress, Senator McSally served 26 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 2010 as a full Colonel. She is the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat and first to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history. U.S. Senator Martha McSally proudly represents the people of Arizona in the United States Senate. She previously represented Arizona’s second congressional district for four years in the United States House of Representatives. Prior to serving in Congress, Senator McSally served 26 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 2010 as a full Colonel. She is the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat and first to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history.

Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee The United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs has jurisdiction over matters related to banks and banking, price controls, deposit insurance, export promotion and controls, federal monetary policy, financial aid to commerce and industry, issuance of redemption of notes, currency and coinage, public and private housing, urban development, mass transit and government contracts.

Resources Committee The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee was originally known as the Committee on Public Lands, overseeing the settling of land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. Since then, its oversight jurisdiction has expanded to include nuclear, hydroelectric and other energy production; mining, grazing, and oil and gas leasing on public lands; water rights; National Parks and Indian Affairs.

​​Armed Services Committee The Committee on Armed Services is a committee of the United States Senate empowered with legislative oversight of the nation’s military, including the Department of Defense, military research and development, nuclear energy (as pertaining to national security), benefits for members of the military, the Selective Service System and other matters related to defense policy.

​Tel: 520-488-4610    eMail: Volunteer@McSallyforSenate.com   Website: https://www.mcsally.senate.gov/ 


Randall W. Garrison      Tel: 928-300-1420         eMail: rgarrison@haskellsprings.com

​ Brian Silvernale, I am running for Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, District 5.  My knowledge of county business, my ability to collaborate with others and my drive to bring cost saving efficiencies to our county makes me the best possible candidate.  I ask for your support and your vote on August 4th, 2020.
Currently serving in my 19th year as a member of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.  My ability to collaborate with others, my organizational skills and my extreme attention to detail has led me to becoming a member of the Sheriff’s executive staff.  As a Bureau Commander of the Detention Services Division, I have been instrumental in the development of policies and practices that have greatly improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sheriff’s Office.  I grew up right here in Prescott, Arizona.  I moved here with my family in 1981 when my father assumed the CEO role in the family’s multiple businesses.  I am a long time resident of Yavapai County (39 years) and a resident of District 5 for 17 years (before there even was a District 5).  Attending elementary school, junior high and high school in this community, I learned early on that this is a great place to live and raise a family. 
My strong leadership qualities, my desire to serve, my dependability and experience working cooperatively and in collaboration with multiple County and non-County entities make me the best candidate for District 5 Representative. I stand for the constitution and laws of the United States of America and the State of Arizona and have sworn an oath to the same that I follow daily.  I believe that all men and women are created equal.
Stand for lower taxes, effective government, love of family and community, religious beliefs and convictions, and accountability, service to the citizens and stewardship. 
Tel: 928-925-6186            eMail: questions@electbriansilvernale.com            Website: www.electbriansilvernale.com​

Daniel’s Story: Daniel McCarthy was born on April 2nd, 1985, in Watertown, New York. Daniel is an American businessman who lives in Glendale, Arizona with his wife Elexsis and their four children.
Daniel grew up in Watertown, a small city neighboring Fort Drum Army Base. Watertown is a lake effect snow belt city. Growing up Daniel was a typical American kid who enjoyed his church, fishing, friends, sports (particularly wrestling) and family. School was easy for Daniel but despite offers from universities, Daniel was eager to get started with the real world.

We need constitutional fortitude from our elected officials. We need Borders. We need less government in our lives. We need to empower entrepreneurs to grow by getting out of their way. The federal government has too much control.

​Tel: 480-269-4506      eMail: info@demanddaniel.com        Website: https://demanddaniel.com/about/